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Feb 23, 2004
  1. I have Two systems, one a laptop with wireless capability, and the other a desktop. I have an active cable connection, along with a wireless router. Everything is fine with the internet connection, but in an attempt to share files and the printer between the two, I have had no luck. I ran the home networking wizard on both, both have the same designated workgroup and unique computer names, but I am unable to view the files in which I designate to share,I have confirmed that microsoft file and print share is enabled, and everything else. I can only view the system I am on when I go into network places and view the workgroup computers, I am at my wits end, can you please help me figure this out, Thanks in advance, Andy
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    Are you using firewalls? Are they configured to allow the local ip's access?
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    What operating systems are you running on each of these systems?
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    Hey thanks guys, Both are XP HOME, one a desktop one a laptop with wireless capability. I have a Dell router and believe that I may have went wrong on the network setup wizard. Both should be set "connect through a hub or concentration point" right? I will also check the status of the firewall enabled on each connections, should I uncheck the box? Also what is the "net adapter" that is in the networking connections, should I delete every connection except for the wireless on the laptop and the LAN on the desktop? Thanks again for you time and help, Andy
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    To get file + printer sharing on XP, you may need to install NetBIOS to your XP comps, then activate the protocol. There's a link to a really good site that details the process in the networking forums. I personally took the files off my desktop 2000 comp.
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    Definitely check the links provided, and let us know if you still have any issues...but I'll bet after reading them you'll be 99% there...
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    Wireless Network

    I had the same problem. The only success that I had was to go into explorer; map a network drive; use your internal IP address as your sever name; for example: \\\any shared dir on your host computer.

    Another example \\\directory_name\

    - Make sure it is shared on your host computer.

    Do the same when you add a printer ! Make sure your printer is sharable and place a shared name in the printer properties too!

    Example \\\canon - This works for me

    Please respond and let me know what happens.
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    I did not see you mention having the same user (name and password ) on both machines.
    XP home does not network automatically you either connect to shared resources manually each time you attempt to share or you can create a batch file to perform this exercise for you.
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