Horrible picture quality with Radeon in 16-bit...

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Before you start saying who cares, all games are made for 32 bit now, let me explain.

I have a few "old" games that I still like to play that only run in 16 bit : Thief, thief 2, Nomad Soul (Omikron). I've lent them to a friend the other day & he has a Radeon VE, it sucks I know but since those games aren't the latest, it should've been OK.

The image is awfull. Really bad. I'v red many sites complaining about te quality of 16-bit rendering on Radeon cards but I never thought it would be that bad.

I noticed a little degradattion myself going from a VooDoo3 to a GeForce but this is ridiculous. I'll try to get some screenshots.

Does anyone else here have a Radeon ? Try playing UnrealT or any other game in 16 bit. I'd like to know your opinions on this...


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o geez man. Have you ever tried to use your computer without the drivers installed. Let me say its a just a LIL frustrating. EVERYTHING moves slowly. Even scrolling a page makes it look like you video taped a television with the lines all over the damn place. I'm not sure why the radeon card has so much trouble with it. Maybe ATI focused more on newer games i suppose...


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My 16-bit looks fine.

I have an ATI Radeon 64mb DDR (Same as Phat) and my 16-bit looks just as good as anything else I've experienced. I'm hard pressed to tell a difference between 16 bit and 32 bit really.

I suggest getting the newest drivers from ATI.

If you have the newest official drivers, get the newest leaked drivers here:

Or here:

If you are using Windows XP, I would like to mention that I'm using the drivers and they are working better than any drivers I have previously tried. No bugs at ALL so far, which is fairly uncommon.


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Here are the screenshots I promised

First example

Look at the wall on the right :dead:

Look at the floor :(

It's plain ol' ugly...


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It's on Win98 BTW. I know there's a way of getting Thief2 to work on Win2K but I haven't bothered to do it.;)


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3D accelarated?

Are you sure the game is actually using 3D acceleration in 16 bit mode?


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Yes I'm sure, it's in D3D. The thing is I get that problem with other games :(

Just to make sure I tryed running UnrealT in 16 bit & it looked pretty bad too...

Maybe he should consider a Kyro card instead. I guess a Kyro 1 card is as powerfull if not more then a radeon VE ( he doesn't watch DVDs ).

The Radeon VE doesn't have TnL so going to a Kyro won't be a problem ( he has a Duron 1200 anyways ).
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