Horribly unstable internet

By Nicodemus81 ยท 35 replies
Oct 28, 2008
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    My name is Andy. almcneil is my userid. I prefer to called by my name (that's why I sign off with it) Please respect that.

    This is an open forum, anyone is free to make whatever suggestions they like. I am entitled to advise this person with what I believe is the best course of action. So it's not what you advise, too bad. I can do this.

    The other computers connect to the router stabily and the Internet is fast. A firmware upgrad is not necessary at this point. Your computer has slow Internet and it appears to be spyware. Spybot Search & Destroy is the best utilitiy IMO to detect and remove it. Its even listed in the Downloads section at this site. Best to try it.

    -- Andy
  3. kimsland

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    The Spybots S&D is a good program, and it may in fact possibly fix the issue


    The 8 Step removal process is more thorough
    And in the end I get to see a HJT log, which will probably help the member even further.

    If the member wishes to just try Spybots S&D go for it.
    Mind you Malwarebytes is FAR superior to Spybots (which happens to be in the removal proceedure)

    Also Andy, you keep interrupting me, constantly
    Plus you are replying with rediculous comments, like: "I can't take it"
    These comments are childish and do not help anyone, most of all they do not help you
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    I'm still trying what you tell me, i just figured it couldn't hurt to try everyone's suggestions since they are all posted to help me out. if my router does need to be upgraded it couldnt hurt to do it regardless of wether or not itll help my internet.

    im running spybot right now, it should be done in a few minutes
  5. almcneil

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    Moderator edit: merged and deleted first post. Bring those to the feedback and suggestions forums.
    Not sure what your real name is, I'll assume it's Nic.

    I'm not against the firmware upgrade for the router, but that can wait. It's not the problem as we've confirmed the other computers can connect to it and have fast Internet. Once we fix your Internet problem on your computer, then you can upgrade the firmware.

    BTW, I used to be an engineer and have designed modems and routers. This isn't a modem/router problem.

    -- Andy
  6. Nicodemus81

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    actually my real name is chris, nicodemus is just my gamer tag
  7. kimsland

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    Just some info:

    AVG 8.0 --> Try Free Antivirus like Avast or Avira

    AVG has had many miss reports, by many user reports. Avira AntiVirus seems to be the best.
    Plus AVG is very high on system resource

    Spybot Search & Destroy --> An excellent program. But it can stop support from applying fixes to your system (with its live resident protection) I believe during support of your computer, it would be best to turn off this protection (or even un-install it for the moment) When everything is back to normal on your system, you can then re-enable this if you like

    Ad-aware --> Another good program, but there are many better. Malwarebytes for one.

    You can have a look at the Virus\Malware removal proceedure here:
    Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions

    In saying this, since you have now installed and run Spybots S&D has the issue now been sorted?
    As earlier mentioned, this is a possibility.
    If not, you will need to uninstall it (ideally) and continue to the Virus\Malware removal proceedure
  8. jobeard

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    There are multiple approaches to problem solving and frequently there is more than one path to a good resolution.

    The question is one of sequencing the suggestions to resolve the issue.
    YES The firmware update can wait.

    btw: cookies NEVER have performance implications -- just maybe security/browser tracking disclosure risk (if you consider it so).
  9. almcneil

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    Before I contradict you, I want to thank you for your other supportive comments.

    Cookies, especially corrupted ones, can cause performance issues. You are correct, the most common problems with cookies usually are to do with logging in and persmissions. But one bad cookie and when you're at that particular web site, suddenly, weird things start happening. Flush your cookie cache and *POOF*, things start working. Seen it happen many times in my business.

    -- Andy
  10. jobeard

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    yes, data corruption can cause all kinds of unexpected results.

    As I have a stable environment, my experience with corrupt cookies is nill.
    I see this as a low probability occurence, but there's always the 6-sigma cases for anything.

    Let's take our personal debates offline and get back to helping the Original Poster
    with their symptom/problem :)
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    Your problem may not be related to software at all. I am suspecting a problem at the hardware level due to the symptoms you have described. The reasoning is that you have referred to your machine switching transmit rates several times, including switching between G rates (6,9,12,24,36,48,54) and B rates (1,2,5.5,11). As B mode uses CCK and more power, it's typically only used as a fallback on modern wireless systems when G mode is failing, due to packet errors or excessive retransmits or other such issues.

    The fact your friends machines were working may be due to them having more powerful wireless cards, or cards with better receive sensitivities that can tolerate the weaker signal. It could also mean that their machines built-in antennas have higher gain than yours. The easiest way to test this theory is to take your machine downstairs, closer to the router, and see if your speeds remain stable, or at least more stable. If they do, you're definitely dealing with a signal issue.
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