Hot air and case becomes hot

By Mitko
Mar 1, 2010
  1. Hello, I'm not that good with hardware and i'm experiencing some problems.. I just noticed that my computer's case (i'm not sure if it's called a case, it's the black thingie that you see outside the computer) becomes hot after a while and it gives out really hot air from the back where the psu fan is located.

    I've went to my friend's place and checked his computer, which is on most of the day and it never gives out any hot air from the back nor does the case get hot :s

    So any suggestions on what i should do? Is this bad or it's just normal?
  2. ucould2

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    that's a great article ucould, I have posted that one as well.
    @Mitko, the hot air is supposed to be vented out of the back of the case, however if you have noticed that it has suddenly become much warmer than it was, that can be a problem. the first thing you can do is check the CPU temperature with a program like this.
    it sounds like you may need to get a can of compressed air and blow out your CPU heatsink/fan assembly. and as ucould said, please post your specs so we know what we are dealing with. :)
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    You can underclock to make the computer not run as fast.
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