How can I copy my paid ArcSoft Photostudio6 to my laptop?

By friend2u
Apr 19, 2011
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  1. I bought ArcSoft PhotoStudio6 from Dell and have a working copy on my desktop. I would like to get that working copy onto my laptop. I called bouth Dell and ArcSoft and they claim they cannot help me. I have an evaluation copy on my laptop now but it wont let me save full size images. Is there some way to get the working copy onto my laptop so it will work?

  2. captaincranky

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    Depends. Did you save the installer package, or install it directly while downloading? Basically, you can't copy an installed program between computers.

    Why don't you spring for a new piece of photo hardware. Most of them come with free copies of Adobe Photoshop Elements or similar.

    All that said, most of today's software requires activation, rather than installing a serial number. Hence, you can only install it to the limits of its EULA. Adobe allows 2 installations of its photo software product. (And hence 2 activations of the same license). The express intent of this relates directly to your situation, one for the desktop, the second to your laptop.

    If you have serial number activated product, then obviously the number of installs are between you and your conscience. Please don't share this with us.
  3. mike1959

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    If I want to do a quick photo edit/resize/crop etc for email, I use the free program called 'Faststone image editor'. But it can do much more than that, and may do what you want. It is unusual for a Windows program, in that the menus are on each of the four sides of the screen, but are hidden until you move the cursor over to each edge. Have used this program for many years, always does what I want.

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