How can I lower my laptop's tempature while playing games?

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May 9, 2010
  1. Wheever i play games like red faction guerilla or fallout 3 my computer starts to lag after the heat gets really high, like around 109 C. My computer is a g50v with a NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GS.
  2. LinkedKube

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    109 is really hot, maybe prob something under it so it can pull in more air, or get a laptop cooler.
  3. CMH

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    Mobile components are built to withstand much more heat than desktop components, so I'm not particularly surprised at that amount of heat.

    Unfortunately nothing much you can do about it, like supersmaskbrada said, get something under it, or a laptop cooler.

    Or a desktop for gaming.
  4. nismo91

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    if its more than a year the first step you have to do is to blow the dust off the laptop with a home vacuum cleaner. or dismantle the bottom cover to gain access.

    then, what you need is, like supersmashbrada said, a decent laptop cooler, or a home fan that is blowing to the laptop exhaust port. that's what i did to cool my laptop when staying in a non-A/C room.
  5. jorgee64

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    I've noticed that NVIDIA mobile gpus get really hot. I had a dell 1420 with 8400m gs and that thing ran hot. Idle temps were around 60c. playing games it reaches up to 90 to 100c. i cleaned the vents once in a while since it was easy to clean them on this laptop. A notebook cooler helps too. That laptop was replaced by a studio with ATI graphics. This thing runs very cool compared to the nvidias. 60c on ati was when it was under heavy load.
  6. matchu

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    1. dismantle the laptop and clean out all the dust

    2. if you're talking about your CPU getting hot, trying undervolting it? brought my laptop temps from over 70C to less than 60C or so under load. (Inspiron 6400)
  7. red1776

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  8. kol_indian

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    those temps are high, the real basic thing you can try apart from using a external cooling solution is to make sure the laptop has all rubber feet intact, reasoning is that it elevates the laptop a bit allowing for some air flow below the laptop. If they are all there then look at a external cooling solution ... although it would be better to have it checked at a service centre .... applying some tim on the cooling pipes might bring down the temps a few degress but not something i would suggest you do it yourself ... unless you are really comfortable with it.
  9. treetops

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    A block of ice comes to mind.

    Like everyone else mentioned get the under cooler ma bob.
  10. nismo91

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    not really. it depends on the card type. i have bad experience with X1600 on acer laptops, few similar laptop with same X1600. no problem with another acer with ati 9700 and acer with 8600M GT & 9600M GT. also got another bad experience with another acer with intel card.

    but for macbookpro 2009 with 9600M GT yes, they are hot under windows. both 15 & 17. probably the built-in driver didnt throttle down the clock speed when idle.
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