How Can I Sort Out My DSL Problems

By james2025a
Nov 23, 2005
  1. I got DSL through PRT (Puerto Rico Telepone) about 6 months ago and it is a 512/256 rate. When i connect however i onyl get a rate of around 60 kbps. I have reset my hub and nothing has changed. I am using Widnows XP and i was wondering if anyone knew any ways that i can improve the connection rate.

    As a last resort i am gonna call the phone company, but i wanted to see if there was any way i can improve my connection myself without having the hassle of dealing with the company.

    Any help and advice is appreciated.
  2. jobeard

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    Just so we're on the same page; by DSL you mean hispeed over the phone line.

    TCP over the phone is always a hit/miss proposition. The line is susceptible to
    all kinds of noise and that creates transmission errors. One day it works great;
    the next it stinks.

    Regardless, you can improve performance with this TCP parameter: selective ack
    which will reduce the 'overhead' controls and allow more data at whatever rate
    is successful.
  3. DonNagual

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    DSL also is GREATLY influenced by how far away you are from the closest station. Any more than about 3km and the DSL speeds drop DRAMATICALLY.

    I am on a 24Mb/s connection (Japan) and live about 4km away from the terminal. I get about 3Mb/s download speeds. My friend on the same connection with the same router gets about 15Mb/s average download speeds. He lives about 1Km away from the closest station.
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