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How come some background music of games sound different?

By GN48
Jan 4, 2010
  1. I have a strange experience with sounds lately, I have no idea why this happening or what is causing it but here it is: One day I was doing some light gaming on both my tower and laptop since both my computers meets the minimum requirements, and while playing this game, I heard some unusual sounds on both my laptop and tower; my laptop while playing the background music of the game, seemed to be missing a couple or not few sound types in the game. On my tower, it sounded like it had an extra beat, as if I could here that extra sound(s) with the background music playing. I can't explain real good, but to simplify this, my laptop seemed to be lacking of some melody beats, while my tower has it all, and slightly deeper bass. I turned my laptop speakers high, yet no extra melody beat appeared. I did the same with the tower, sounded the same as before but just louder. I am sure I installed this game on both my computer successfully with no errors, I reinstalled it again, and same problem occurred. I don't understand, is the speakers more sensitive on the tower, and giving it more variety of sounds or is the laptop speakers not so sensitive in outputting more variety of sounds. Or both are wrong and it is just the matter of XP and VISTA, or is it the software or drivers installed for the sounds?

    Is something wrong with the speakers? Do I need buy better ones? Ones that's suppose to act normal?
  2. yangly18

    yangly18 TS Rookie Posts: 187

    try updating your sound drivers first, then you might want to look into past problems others might have had with this games sound. Since this happened to both your computers at the same time it sounds like the problem is the game.

    A simple test to see if your speakers are broke is just...play music on them. Does it sound fine? yes? then it's not your speakers :D

    unfortunatly without knowing what game it is that you are talking about I can't really look into any problems others have had with it.
  3. GN48

    GN48 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 142

    The game is; Monopoly Here and Now Edition, while playing the same music on both computers, they sound exactly the same except, that one has sounds deeper the the other. But playing Monopoly, the background music is different, in tower; sounds has a bit more variety, like more beats to go with the music, but on laptop, just sounds plain and dull.
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