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How do I access my BIOS?

By Jay123 ยท 4 replies
May 28, 2005
  1. hi... I cant seem to access my BIOS.. help me please
  2. Jay123

    Jay123 TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 49


    hi. I have a Dell L433c with integrated video memory into the motherboard but I cant get more then 16 colors (I think because the standard PCI graphics adaptor has 64 k of video memory hahaha). to fix this problem I put in a S3 Virge64+ video card in (I also tried my voodoo card) but it still wont activate because my comuter says that the "primary display driver" needs to have at least 256 colors. so I them learned that I have to go into the BIOS menu and deactivate the integrated memory. But I cant sseem to activate my BIOs thing. I have hit all the F keys at the top of the keyboard (F1-F12) as well as the Esc key while the comp was booting up, but the BIOS menu still doesn't come up. what do I do to get my BIOS menu to come up and change from integrated video memory, to drawing video mem from my video card??

    Oh and I am sorry if this doesn't have anyting to do with CPUs, Chipsets and Mobos but I couldn't find another place to post this....
  3. grant grider

    grant grider TS Rookie

    try del key as soon as it beeps. or try esc. and ctrl at the same time
  4. Jay123

    Jay123 TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 49

    oh k thanx dude
    I did it
    I am now enjoying 24-bit colors :haha:
  5. DScherrer

    DScherrer TS Rookie

    L433C video adaptor to use with monitor P780

    An update for anyone who may still be using this technology...

    I was so kindly given a Dell L433C Dimension system from a friend. (Being that my primary computer is over 10yrs old and has had problems since it was custom built, I was ecstatic to get something new to try.)

    I re-setup the system and re-installed the original win98SE CD on it (because I forgot the Linux passwords they gave me when it was delivered to me over 6 months ago).

    I also had problems with the display after the reinstall. Other than setting BIOS to onboard video. I was fortunate to get the books and CDs with the system. The reference and troubleshooting guide has the reference to Intel 810 Video Driver install that comes from the supplied "Dell Dimension ResourceCD" that may need to be updated... I now have my full settings! :)
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