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How do i find out which chipset driver is being used?

By flowerpower ยท 8 replies
May 30, 2007
  1. Guys,

    I have a gigabyte nforce590 board and need to know how to do this, anyone know?
  2. halo71

    halo71 TS Rookie Posts: 1,090

    Have you downloaded Everest?
  3. flowerpower

    flowerpower TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 102

    yes, i have everest, where do i look for the driver info?

    P.S. I have looked in the Chipset section of everest and it is left blank, i don't know if itas the right place, but i gt no info, am i doing something wrong?
  4. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 2,653   +6

  5. flowerpower

    flowerpower TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 102

    Yes, i have XP, i followed the instruction, but that doesnt show me my current chipset driver version, there is just a bunch of numbers next to a list of devices. i suspect that the driver is not installed.
  6. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 2,653   +6

    UM - you need info on chipsets on your mobo - the drivers won't be listed there - they are a few of MANY!

    Identify the chipsets, then get the appropriate driver download, and install.

    Usually people just identify the mobo, then go to the manufacturer site and get the chipset drivers (for the mobo if it is a u-build and for the computer if it is a pre-built name brand).

  7. flowerpower

    flowerpower TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 102

    Ok, let me tell you whats up, i just built this system and i know what chipset i have, but i can't remember if installed the chipset driver, that's why i want to check and see if its installed and if it is, which version. I'm afraid to reinstall the driver cause if its already installed that can cause problems, do you understand? I really need to know how to figuire this out, I'm getting random reboots and i suspect the chipset driver.
  8. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 2,653   +6

    I have downloaded and installed chipset driver updates a number of times and had no ill effects.

    They are JUST drivers.

    Optimally, you initially install them RIGHT after your basic OS and then continue.

    But I have never heard of an update (correct update) hurting your system.

  9. flowerpower

    flowerpower TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 102

    OK, CCT, let me give this a shot. If i did install a chipset driver after assembly it had to have been version 9.16 that came from gigabyte website. Now i found out that version 9.35 is available from Nvidia's website since its their chipset. So i'll try to install and see what happens. Thanks for trying to help me.
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