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May 1, 2008
  1. I have bought all the components i need to build my pc. Ive heard a lot about ESD and how it can damage some of the components. I have bought an anti static wrist strap and anti static mat. How am i supposed to use the items? Do i put my pc case on the mat and connect the wrist strap to my wrist and the crocadile clip to an unpainted part of the case?
  2. zipperman

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    Wasted purchase

    You really don't need all that,Just open the case and touch the inside metal
    sides.Didn't these gadgets have instructions ? Ask here before you buy.
    *** Don't buy anything for a PC without instructions.;)
    My manuals say "touch the case first." then install hardware.
    But turn off Power supply and wall connection.
    When finished
    Reverse the above ,switching on the.PWS last.
  3. Sloppy998

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    yeah the anti static items that i bought had no instructions:/ All my components are in different boxes right now im scared of putting the cpu in the mobo for fear of zapping it lol
  4. zipperman

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    If your completely disconnected
    from your HydroPower Bar or wall connection and the Power supply is
    turned off first.,this won't happen.My Son has done this for me many times.
    Live connecting is only for USB devices.
  5. zipperman

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    Items that are a MUST.

    By the way,Do you have a Motherboard Manual and CD ?
    Probably not if you made this post.If yes then read it.
    The cd has important installations after Windows is installed.
    If not you can't do what you have in mind.
  6. captaincranky

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    It isn't a bad idea to leave the power cord connected to the AC line. That been said, YOU MUST...... Turn off the surge suppressor or power strip! Bleed the PSU by holding in the power button until the light goes out completely. Then , put on the anti-static wrist strap, clip it to bare metal on the case, and ground your bare finger to a bare metal part of the case for good measure. You're good to go!

    DO NOT try this without a surge suppressor or power strip in the line.

    When you turn off a power strip, it only disconnects the HOT wire. This leaves the ground connected and the case is always grounded, so when you discharge yourself to the case, you can be absolutely certain that the static has been discharged.
  7. gamerex

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    Look online for antistaticmat instructions. Google is your freind.
  8. Whiffen

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    You could also touch something grounded in your home like the metal tap in your kitchen or bathroom.
  9. snacks

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    The inside of cases should be made with metal, so like zipperman said, just touch the case before anything else.
    After the power supply is off, though, you obviously don't want to be moving parts if it's still on.
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