how do i install OS using extenal cdrom?

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Jul 17, 2006
  1. Hey guys' tnx for the's the deal, i have two laptops fujitsu and toshiba with no cdroms but im using usb floppy drive. However,i have an external do i get to load up windows on it?i dont know the drivers for my cdrw...i have partitioned my laptop C: using usb floppy drive to boot it (win98)...what do i have to do to install Os on it?i also have a usb flash drive 32mb...thats pretty much my tools to work with' taking the Hd off the laptop is not my option...PLEASE help me guys!!!!
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    to install os, you must have either a cd or floppy for the os. i know win95 comes in floppy (17 of them), but i haven't seen win98 come on floppies. so you only have one choice. install an external cd rom or get one of these, and connect a full size cd rom that has ide connector and convert it to usb:
    external cdroms are expensive (~ $200.00), however, you can get a desktop (ide) cdrom for about $15.00. it connects to a pc via an ide cable. this device converts the ide to a usb.
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    I dont know if thise helps but what if you go old school and try get a hole of windows 3.11 and then work your way up to Windows 98. Because if you get Windows 3.11 (which comes on floppies) then you can probably get access to the CD drive, if its supported by such an early version of windows.

    So if you install Windows 3.11 so you have an OS to work with.
    Then plug in your external cd rom drive, you might be able to use it.

    Im not sure though, windows 3.11 is old school cant remember it too well.
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    don't need win 3.11. you can install win95 from floppy. i have a set (17 floppy's).
    or you can get a 98 startup boot disk from here that will enable cdrom drive too:
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