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May 1, 2006
  1. i recently got a new video card and overclocked it which was pretty simple. I want to know steps on how to overclock a 2.4 ghz pentium 4 processor. Is their a software to download or is their a way to hack into the bios settings??
    my mother board is like a intel something.
    bus speed i think is 800/200 and i use pc2700 ram(333mhz)
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  3. SOcRatEs

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    Your ram will likely keep you limited. If you have 800mhz cpu you'll need
    pc 3200 400mhz ram.
    P.S. don't let the blew smoke out! :eek:
  4. D@nny

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    would your ram keep you limited if you have one gig of pc 2700 ram? I actually mixed my ram speeds with 2 sticks of 256 mb 2700 ddr rams with one stick 512 mb 3200 ram. I still havn't found a tool that will overclock for me since my bios didn't come with any overclocking options.
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    mixing ram speeds is risky to begin with. RAM will always function at slowest speeds. Since you have a 800mhz FSB comp i'm assuming you might have Dual Channel memory functions. However that won't work unless your memory sticks are exactly the same.

    You can usually upgrade your BIOS at the manufacturer's website.
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    Wait you say you have 2 sticks of 256 and one 512?

    Dude Im pretty sure ram only works in pairs. Like you can't have 768mb of ram becausewell....512 and a 256 dont work man.
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    It does work. You can have 768mb of ram.
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    He's right. I have 768 MB of RAM in my system right now and it works just fine.
  9. howard_hopkinso

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    If in doubt read the ram STICKY.

    Ram of different sizes and speeds can work, but it can also cause major problems. it all depends on how forgiving your mobo is and the ram compatibility.

    Regards Howard :)
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    Intel motherboards will not allow overclocking reguardless of your BIOS version. Intel does not make any money when you overclock, they would obviously prefer you buy a faster processor.

    There are windows based overclocking tools, however as far as I know you would be overclocking the PCI/AGP bus as well which will seriously limit your overclock, and pretty much make it pointless to try.

    Pretty much your only option if you want to overclock would be to buy a new mobo. I'm not an Intel guy but I've read that ASUS is the motherboard brand of choice for overclocking Intel processors.
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    I wonder where the OP went to.....speed fan allows for some OC but I never go it to work.
    Abit makes solid OC MoBo's too, check my profile....
    But rather than spend for old tech, go for OC needed.
  12. KingCody

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    good advice... I agree :)
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