How do I play ps2 games on my dvi-in comp monitor?

By phonb
Mar 22, 2008
  1. From a topic I posted in the Games & Consoles Section
    I've seen many routes from complex component-dvi converters ($200+) to simple breakout cables. Anybody have any experience playing console games (gamecube, ps2, dreamcast) on a pc monitor (BTW I have a Samsung Syncmaster 906BW). Is there any way to connect component (RGB) vid to DVI (hd) input without lag or glitching?

    Video Card - MSI Geforce NX7600GS 256 PCIE
  2. SNGX1275

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    Don't double post:

    Pretty much any time you send an input through a card you will get lag. So avoid that. If you have to convert analog to digital, then its going to be probably some expensive dedicated box.

    Anyway I'm closing this thread because you aren't going to get away with spamming your problem in whichever forum you want.
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