How do I replace the BIOS

By Intermontano
Sep 11, 2005
  1. My BIOS messed up and my computers does not boot up and I read on the website that I have to replace it and to contact my system manufacturer so they can do that but i built the system how do i replace the bios im running win2000 right now and the computer has the award bios.
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    the only way you can mess up a BIOS (I mean delete it) is erase it while programming it. This is NOT a beginners job and I strongly recommend beginners do not attempt to flash (program) a BIOS. Once you erase a BIOS, it cannot be restored unless your motherboard has a backup CMOS. Only a few motherboards support this. Otherwise, you have to send it to the manufactuer to have the EPROM replaced. Your BIOS is stored on an EPROM. (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory)

    If you think you want to attempt to flash your BIOS you have to have 2 things. A flash utility (located at the manufacteurs website AND the new BIOS file. Also located there.)

    READ the manufactuers instructions CAREFULLY. In most cases you will create a DOS boot disk with the flash utility on it. YES you have to have a REAL floppy drive (not a USB floppy). Your flash utility and new BIOS files will also be on that floppy disc.

    using the flash utility DOWNLOAD/COPY the OLD BIOS onto another floppy (as a backup in case the new one doesn't work right) It is VERY important the NEW BIOS is for your SPECIFIC board. :bounce:

    then follow the instructions the manufactuer gave for flashing the new NEW BIOS using the utility. In most cases it will be:

    A: Flashutility.exe NEWBIOS.fil

    where the 1st file is the utility and the second is the new BIOS file.
    Some flash utilities let you select the new BIOS when you load it. Some also let you save the old BIOS also.

    Otherwise your BIOS will be corrupt and you may not be able to boot at all.
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