How do you install MSN messenger on Linux Red Hat 9

By chadro
Feb 16, 2004
  1. I have 2 file types that I DL of MSN Messenger. One is in the tar.gz form and the other is a .deb. How can I install MSN without using gay code and bash commands? Both types are not executing(the tar.gz extracts itself but does not install and the .deb is not read by any linux program).
  2. Nodsu

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    MSN messenger for linux? Are you sure? Last time I checked there was no such thing. Maybe you ae talking about aMSN?

    .deb files are for Debian Linux-

    You extract the tar.gz, go in to the directory it created and loog for some installation program there. It may be a script like or you may have to run "make install" or you may have to compile the program before install. Check the README or INSTALL files in the extracted directory for instructions.

    You install aMSN just by running "make install" in the amsn directory as root.
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