How do you test Memory (Ram) Manually?

By PCTechie316
Feb 22, 2005
  1. I'm working two computers for a friend and they are both the same systems from dell. Was wonding if I can take the memory from one motherboard and add it to the other motherboard. Just to make sure it works I want to test it. How do you test memory to make sure it doesnt mess up your system?
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    If those memory-sticks are from the same Dell series, e.g. both are Dimension 2400/3000/5000/8100/8200 or 8400 etc. you can move the RAM from 1 PC to the other.
    To do so, make sure to switch off the PC and very important: remove the powercord from the mains!
    If you are not sure, go to and type in your brand (Dell)/motherboards/PC-model (select) and it will tell you what memory each PC needs.
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    you have to look at the numbers on the Ram

    it might say PC133 that is the type if they use the same type you are safe

    if it is the same mother board you should not have an issue :hotbounce
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