How fast is your home internet connection?


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I remember back in the day Counter Strike Beta 6.0 was 70 MB. It took me 4 hours of none calling the house or using the internet to download it. Nowadays I can download in less than 5 seconds.

Currently as a 3D generalist I download gigs of data on a regular basis within hours and I am grateful I don't have to do this on an all day basis.
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maybe you should read through the rest of this thread before complaining >_>
America called, and plenty of us are just fine with 10-20 mbps.
It is a complaint because our ISPs (UK) are lazy to upgrade the terrible infrastructure and ''compete'' with European ISPs which are faster and cheaper. Sure it is very sufficient (upload speed isn't) but that's irrelevant. Oh and yeah I know, US has it bad (gogo Google!).

I didn't know techspot had a service allowing people to phone in their comments. Nice work, guys! (y)
phaha made my day! :D


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I was paying for 100 mbps down and 10 mbps up. I had cleaned out the box outside when I had digital land-line phone, CATV HD and Internal bundle. I just re-wired everything myself and got my own DC3 modem these are the faster ones. So now I did get 132 mbps down and 10 mbps up. But the cost was too high so drop it now to 50 mbps and 10 mbps. I am seeing 97 mbps down. Still not bad. Here using Cable Modem with 1 Gbp port.


Up to 3.1mbps down, less than 0.5mbps up. Limited 5GB data plan/month.. if the connection use more than 5GB, the speed will reduced from 3G speed to gprs speed.. cost $10/month


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It is a complaint because our ISPs (UK) are lazy to upgrade the terrible infrastructure and ''compete'' with European ISPs which are faster and cheaper. Sure it is very sufficient (upload speed isn't) but that's irrelevant. Oh and yeah I know, US has it bad (gogo Google!).
Yeah, I travel around the UK quite a bit (recently been to Norfolk and Manchester and everything in between) And I find that Norfolk just doesn't have anything above GPRS phone signal and the fastest broadband I found was 8MB/s down and 0.5MB/s up!

In Manchester it was covered in 4G (got 38MB/s down regularly) and Fibre wasn't uncommon, Problem with our ISP's are (except for Virgin) Non actually install there own cables and infrastructure, they wait for BT to go do the hard work (which they are reluctant to do unless the Government is paying for a large chunk of it) and just makes things difficult.

Considering how the UK can fit into a state in America (physically size wise) it is amazing that we cannot roll out fibre to the whole country with relative ease.
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My Internet connection is 101Mbps/35Mbps (download and upload) and it's faster than what I had four years ago (50/15 I think). Cablevision is my provider here in the Bronx and the speeds are very stable though I wish Verizon's Fios service was available in my building (having a second choice would be good).


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I'm in the US. Depending on where I speed test to, the speed varies. The maximum speed that my cable connection is supposed to support is 15 Mb/s. So far, that has been more than adequate as we have recently dropped satellite TV in favor of OTA, and Internet TV using an HTPC - with only one computer in our house (the HTPC) receiving HDTV over the internet at any time.

The only reasonable provider in our area right now is Time Warner cable, and they, IMHO, are a bunch of thugs that I would drop in a heartbeat if there were any other viable option.

There is a small firm in our area that is starting to lay fiber-to-the-home, however, there is no time line for when they will get to my neighborhood. They offer 100 Mb/s with no data cap for $50 US / month. I can hardly wait until they get to our neighborhood.


50Mbps down & up. About $120 USD for fiber to the house (Includes full cable & home phone). Fact is, no home user should need more than 15Mbps. I get it because we've been a customer for so long, so it's the same price as a "Slower" connection.

Anything on a 5-10Mbps+ solid connection can game without any issues.

If your thinking "Oh this guy has no idea what he's talking about", I've installed and in charge of a 50Mbps fiber connection shared between two work buildings and over 350 computers. There has never been a complaint of slowness at all, in the past 5 years at the SAME speed.


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My ISP/Cable TV company in Ireland increases the speed about once a year when they increase the TV subscription fee. I currently get downloads of just over 15 MB/s so I must be on a 150 mbps connection. Upload is poor though, barely over 1 MB/s.

One good tip I have for anyone using a wireless router is to disable TKIP in the security settings. Many routers still come with it enabled and all it does is cripple your data transfer speeds for no gain in security.


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Just under 1MBPS in Fuzhou, China. And that is not always stable, lots of stuff is blocked, and the power goes out at odd times to the building, the switch, or both. Oh, and it's cable, so on weekends nothing works since the whole building is using is.


$15/m for 1 Mbit down, 128K up in Iran through TCI. The speed goes up to 2 Mbit (for $30/m) and up to 8 Mbit claimed speed (with limits on download like 8 GB/m on other ISP's such as Shatel or ParsOnline).

Iran has world's worst internet speed/prices.
Ping time to BF4 servers in EU are around 120 ms on a good night (2 AM local time) and 400+ ms on daytime.


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My connection has been too slow now a days. I can't finish my work on the exact time because it would suddenly slow down. This is so disappointing. I'm planning to change routers that could perfectly go with a reliable VPN.