How hot should my ram be?

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Aug 20, 2007
  1. I have some corsair 2x1024mb ddr2 800 4-4-4-12 ram that i'm using in a media center style case. Because of that air flow isn't great and there aren't many fans, however i've taken care to make sure cables are entirely out of the way. The cpu idles at ~30c, showing that at least it has enough air flow.

    The ram is a different story however. I realy have a couple of issues. First, i'm using the gigabyte p35 mobo, which doesn't let me specify a deffinite ram voltage. I can say how much i want to "overvoltage" it, but that starts at an unknown baseline that is, as far as i can tell, automatically adjusted based on who knows what. I made sure the speed and timings were correct in the bios, but i can't do too much else.

    I was having some issues with program stability so i ran memtest. I got a couple errors. I tried the sticks in another pc with a 680i chipset where i could set the voltages properly, and got no errors. That would seem to indicate that the p35 motherboard was the problem. However I ran a different set of ddr2 800 4-4-4-12 corsair ram on the p35 just to check, and they had no errors either. At that point i began to wonder if perhaps they were getting to hot.

    I put the original sticks back on the p35 mobo and underclocked them to ddr2 667 just to test my idea. After about a half hour i felt the base of the ram sticks, and they were to hot to touch for more than a second or two. That seems way to hot, and these were underclocked. At this point i'm wondering if its a mobo, heat, or ram issue.
  2. HPCE_Larry

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    I guess i'll simplify the question to: Should ram be so hot you can't touch it for long?
  3. Rilla927

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    No! Sorry, you haven't had a reply yet.

    I will try to help the best I can. Can you give a exact model# (PC-6400 XMS or Dominators) for the ram & mobo (GA-P35C-DSR3). The lack of airflow is not helping any. When ever you have a case that lacks airflow/ fans the system will suffer. What case do you have? I do know with some of the P35 there is Ctrl+F1 to get to the hidden tweaks in bios.

    Is the ram you have on the QVL (qualified vendors list) for the mobo you have? The ram should not be hot to the touch, warm maybe.

    Did you run MemTest and for how long?
  4. Tmagic650

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    Open the case and see if the ram cools down. You may have to rethink the number of fans and where they should go
  5. Phil Harris

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    DDR2 Voltage is 1.8v as standard, so what ever value you put in bios means your ram is getting that +1.8v.

    It's unlikely you will need to add to much to that unless you are over clocking your ram significantly. Some ram runs better at 2 to 2.1v naturally, so something around + 0.2v will not hurt at all.
  6. Tmagic650

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    Only excessive voltage can cause the RAM to be that hot. I'm wondering if the RAM is the wrong type/spec for that motherboard
  7. Phil Harris

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    My guess is that you took a guess at what the ram voltage should be set to in the bios and over did it a little.
    That ram will work fine in any P35 board that tales DDR2, and of course it would not plug into a DDR3 slot.

    If that is the case, just set the ram volts to normal. (If you have any problems booting at that setting, try +0.2v as some high spec DDR2 needs a touch more than 1.8v to boot properly)

    If your board is the DQ6 variety, the high heat sinks located over the north bridge and the mosfets might be interrupting the air flow around the ram. In which case a small well placed auxiliary fan would be a good solution.
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