How often to clean videocard?

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Aug 25, 2006
  1. My rig is very new and I start to see some dust forming inside of the case. I was just wondering how often should I use an air can to blow out the inside of the case? Once every month maybe? How about cleaning my X1800XT for dust inside the fans?
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    Gauge your temperatures (idle and load, usually load will be effected much, much more) while it's spiffy and clean. When they get 5-10C higher(on load, 5C or so on idle, but keep in mind to factor in ambient temperatures) take a look inside your case. If it's really dusty give it a good cleaning.
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    Or, just clean up the computer when it starts crashing too often :)
  4. i_am_a_newbie

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    Ah, the lazy man's approach. I love it!
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    You might also want to consider a filtered case.

    The newer Antec cases (such as the Sonata-II series) have a nice filter behind the front intake fan to collect dust/debris. I'm amazed at how well it reduces dust build-up inside the case. These are also removable and can be cleaned (they slide out of the front).

    Otherwise, there is no rule of thumb.. as different environments build-up airborn dust differently. If it's on shag carpet and have someone vacuuming all the time, this will obvious throw around a lot more dust than your typical "bachelor pad" where vacuuming is considered evil lol.
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