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By Darkmage ยท 4 replies
Mar 21, 2011
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  1. Well i play wow and i have like 30-40 fps my system :
    intel core 2duo E8500 3.16 Ghz
    4 GB RAM
    Ati radeon 5770 (1GB)
    64-bit Win7
    I really think that with this system i can have my video settings a bit high and still enjoy .. but that doesnt happening anyone know any tips or tricks or something that i can do to boost my fps .. ??
  2. Arris

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  3. Zilpha

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    I would think that your CPU has to be the bottleneck. The 5770 should be able to max out WoW without a hiccup even at high resolutions.

    Where are you experiencing the lower frame rates? In Stormwind? In 25 man raids?
    Just flying about looking at the scenery?
  4. Darkmage

    Darkmage TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok i am a retard guys problem fixed vertical sync was on :p and now that i turned it off 110-120 fps all time :p thnx for imidiate help...
  5. Relic

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    No worries Darkmage happens to a lot of gamers :) , had issues like that myself usually with vertical sync turning itself on after updates =X.

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