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May 26, 2008
  1. How i can check how many ram has been used and left? i9 how to check ram size in setup.
  2. gbhall

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    What Operating System ?

    In XP, for total Ram, use Control Panel/system. It is on the first page. Press ctrl-alt-delete together up pops Task manager. The amount of Ram comitted, available and supplied from HDD cache is on the performance tab.
  3. Bobbye

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    IF you're running Windows XP, it's best to have at least 512MB of RAM.
  4. DisplayError

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    You could try Cpu-Z, or right click my computer -> properties.
  5. rx7i2

    rx7i2 TS Rookie

    I use task manager
  6. Bobbye

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    Task Manager> Performance tab>> view Physical Memory:
    Total, Available and System Cache.
  7. Diya

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    i m using xp by using task manager > performance i can't see ram option there.
    There r few options available r as:
    kernal memory.
    physical memory and amout in no are not in kb or mb ?

    I have 128mb of ram and at this time my total physical memory is 130596 and available = 22832
    and system cache is 27724 .... plz help me in understanding these figures
  8. gtppopzz

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    not much to figuring out these figures basically you have 128 MB or ram which windows is reading at approximately 130,596KB you have to realize the conversion of ram from a chip and to cmos and windows is going to differ a little. So it also is saying you have about 23 MB of ram available I am guessing your hard drive works hard a lot and is using a lot of paging file. I would add more RAM :)
  9. Bobbye

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    I put the following together for you hoping to give you and understanding of what you're seeing:

    To get megabytes from kilobytes>>> move the decimal to the left 3 places::
    Total physical memory= 130596KB=130MB (rounded)
    Available= 22832KB-22.8MB
    Cache:= 27724KB= 27MB (rounded)

    The bottom line is that you do not have enough RAM to run Windows XP with any type of performance. You have only 17% available of the close to 80& you should have. (math is not my strong point, but you get the idea)

    Understand these figures aren't absolute. There have been rounded for convenience. The programs you have are on the hard drive. When you use those programs, they use the RAM. SO you more you have running, the more chance you have of crashing.
  10. sachin

    sachin TS Rookie

    How to check RAM size in Windows XP......

    Click on the Start button ,then Click on Help and Support .
    In Tools section (On the left side of window), Click on "My Computer Information"Now on Right side Click on the option view general system information about this computer...

    now here u will get full information about ur system's harware....
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