How to clean an LCD the right way?

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Nov 19, 2006
  1. Hey everybody,
    My question is how do you clean an LCD the correct way. I read in PC world not to clean them with alcohol based computer cleaners. Which I do use since it said it was safe and made for LCD's right on the box, but pc world claims even if it says that it is bad. And I use micofiber clothes but they just dont help with everything so I need some kind of liquid based cleaner/ moist wipe but I dont know what to use, you cant use water and every cleaner I found has alcohol in it, so what do you use?

    Thank you very much
  2. kimbo.ati

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    Im not sure which cleaners are best for screens but i can provide some tips for best appearance and least damage. never spray directly onto your lcd spray onto your cloth first also you should clean in one path across the screen to avoid those nasty lines. other than that i use water for mine?
  3. Rilla927

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    Monster ScreenClean is excellent. I use it on my Hi-Def TV and use it to clean the LCD screens on the laptops. It also does a great job at cleaning the whole keyboard and outside of the laptop. This stuff lasts a long time.

    Get a microfiber cloth and use circular motions to clean a LCD. If you wipe straight across back and forth it can damage the screen.

    I paid $20.00 for this 6.76 FL OZ bottle but you can get it at Amazon almost 50% cheaper.
  4. kimbo.ati

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    are you sure about the circulular motions just becuase i saw a tv show about lcd screens and thats what they said. i guess there is many methods of doing it.
  5. Rilla927

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    Yes, I'm sure.

    Yes, you are right about a lot of info out there on doing this procedure, but it all isn't correct.

    The more I started digging for info and talking to three different techs I know (and none of them know each other) the more info I found about rubbing in a circular motion. The Techs I spoke with said that was correct.

    By rubbing in a circular motion it incorporates all the solution and won't eventually leave permanent scarring on the LCD.

    It does make sense to me. Everytime you clean a LCD and wipe back and forth every time you do it, you are using the same repetitive motion which will eventually cause damage because you are going over the same area the same way every time. By using circular motion you are not going over and over the same spot exact every time.

    When I bought the first LCD screen cleaner for the laptop it had alcohol in it and as soon as I realized that I threw it away.

    I also started asking personal friends what they used and some of them said I don't know. And some said to use Monster ScreenClean if you want to protect your investment.

    There is another product called Klear Screen Kit but it cost over double what Monster ScreenClean and is just as effective.

    Take it for what's it worth and give it a try you won't be disappointed.
  6. kimbo.ati

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    okay ill give that a try next time i clean my lcd.
  7. GeekieNick101

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    Thank you very much. Im going to get some next time I clean my lcd's, I have been using these really nice wips for awhile but they contain alcohol. Also in thr past I used jsut a microfiber cloth. Thank you very much I hope I didnt hurt my lcd's by using these cleaners with alcohol, I just went by the box.
  8. tipstir

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    Go to Wal-Mart in the eye care area or better yet down the aisle for eye wash. There is a pump spray for eye glasses that works the best. I've been using it on all LCD Monitors and LCDs on laptops for cleaning. Cost $2.48 cents. But it's safe and effective with excellent results!

    Just spray a few pumps on to the LCD screen and then wipe it down with a paper towel lint free though.
  9. cavornex

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    The branded cleaning items you guys mentioned are OK. But what if those things are not available in your place (outside US, and in a tropical country at that)? Me, I use Lighter Fluid (yes...the ones you fill-up on a Zippo lighter). It has much better cleaning properties than alcohol and it evaporates faster. Cheaper too.

    I've been using it - Daily - to clean all 25 LCD and CRT units in my brother's internet cafe (where on-line gaming teens habitually messes the screen poking into it all types of dirts. marks and bodily fluids...). Tell you...after each cleanibg session, brings back the luster like new!
  10. MiCm

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