How to copy TCP/IP profile (settings)

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Mar 19, 2008
  1. I have Windows Vista Home Premium and I've made changes to the TCP/IP stack. The PC is running normally but I want to format it and have clean PC and get rid of some residual stuff from it. Before I do that I thought to copy the TCP/IP profile so that I don't go through all the changes I've made before. I use ADSL modem to connect through Ethernet hardwired port.
    Your help would be appreciated,
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    You can use TCP Optimizer it can save as... export or import settings over the network to another PC shared folder. That's what I do. It's a free program from

    That will only save TCP bandwidth, TTL, MTU, SACK, Registry settings for IE, DNSCache, LAN Buffer and some few more things. Other than that, you can go into the registry and export your setting into a TCP.reg file. Then edit out what you don't want to load when you click on the TCP.reg on another system. This is another way to do it. As this will grab all services under the TCP an etc..
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    BE CAREFULL; opening a .reg file will cause it to run -- be sure you EDIT it, not OPEN :)
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    clarification: you can capture the ENTIRE TCP tree and all sub entriies;

    navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip
    right-click on the Tcpip and pull down to Export​

    if you reinstall the OS on the same hardware, you still may get some GUID changes
    the {A21D3F49-D742-45AA-80C3-4C1BFCFA674A} is a GUID.

    if this occurs, then restoring what you exported will have no effect!
    verify each GUID on the target system matches the content of your exported .reg file
    and if not, then edit the .reg contents to patch

    Frankly, this is a bit much to expect for most home users.

    be sure to create a Restore Point before you use your exported .reg file on the new system.
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    Thanks guys, worked great.
    Neat and cool ways to do that.
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