How to disable auto word/line select when click on text?

By rednukleus
Mar 6, 2003
  1. Hi. You guys do a good job helping everybody. You should have a list of tips posted that all pc users need to know. How to use sys restore, iexploretips and helpful tricks, tips for using windows more efficiently, keyboard shortcuts that are helpful (ctrl enter in iexplore, ctrl c and vtrl v for pasting etc) Perhaps something like this exists, but it'd sure be a helpful thing. Could prevent people form repeating the same thing someone else asked earlier, too.

    Alright- My question to you guys is: How can I disable auto selecting whole words and lines when i click text? This was a new thing with win 95, and I never liked it. It's just too cumbersome- it gets in the way more than anything. I'm not that feeble. I can select what I want, on my own, ya know. Click your address bar, it selects the entire thing. Then you have to click again, often more than once to get rid of the auto highlight. I don't know, it's just silly. OK, Fix it up! Thanks.
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Sorry to disappoint you, but AFAIK you can't change the behaviour of GUI components unless the app provides a setting for that or you recompile the program.
  3. Rick

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    While it may not be something I'm famliar with changing, I know there are programs that have the option to not to do this... Wordpad for example has an option, "Auto words selected". Disable this and I believe you can select letters instead of being forced to choose words.

    Yes, I've always disliked this feature too.
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