How to enable Windows Mail app in Windows 7

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Windows Mail

I hope this thread is not too old to ask a question in. I know nothing of Windows Mail, but am looking for a mail program that I can use in Win 7, to use this do I have to joining any thing other than just where my e-mail is sent to? and do they have any requirements that I should know of? Hope for some help here.


Windows 7 does not include an email client even though there is a Windows Mail folder in program files. While this folder is primarily intended for the purpose of enabling Windows Live Mail to operate, it can be modifed to operate as an independent email client.

To activate it, simply follow the steps of the tutorial. You don't have to join anything or provide anything other than the information required by your ISP, (Internet Service Provider), to set up your email accounts.

The other alternative is to download and use Windows Live Mail. You do not have to be registered with Windows Live to use this email program. It can be run as an independet email client like Windows Mail. When you run the program, it has an option to sign in/not sign in if you are a member of Windows LIve. However, by default it is set to not sign in, so you don't have to do anything.

However, if you want to use some of it's special features, such as Photo Email, you will need to register and log on to use this option. You can send photos normally as an attachment without using Photo Email. What photo email does is upload your photos to the Windows Live site, and they send thumbnails of your phtotos in your email to the recipient. The recipient of your email can then choose only the photos they want, and they're downloaded in high resolution. The purpose of this feature is to allow large numbers of photos to be sent without large data upload/download by the ISP of yourself and the receiver; which can often block the email being sent/received by either ISP.

If you choose to use WinLiveMail, there are two links to obtain download engines for either the beta or current versions. I'd suggest using the current version until the beta is stabilized. This is a link to the current version here; and for the beta version here.

Download/Save whichever download engine you choose to your desktop. Then click it to commence the program download. It will next bring up a window with options to download various elements of Windows Live. Deselect all options except Mail, which you leave ticked. Download and run.

It might pay to read up on how to use WinLiveMail. It is similar to Windows Mail, but has a few differences. There main one is that it displays all of your accounts separately in the left pane of the main window of the program. There was a lot of discussion on it in this forum here, which might be worth reading. To view the full thread to which this post applies, click "(Permalink)" towards the top right of the window near the post number #696.

Hope this helps. PB


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Thank you, I will try tha WinLiveLiveMail. If I have problems I will be back soon.

Thanks nickc
Windows Mail in Windows 7

Thank you so much for posting this. It works like a charme.....
I took Vista Windows mail 32 bit into win7 64 bit

How to reverse?


I hope this thread is still active, as I need some help reversing the whole win mail thing in win 7.
After installing win 7 I did everything needed to activate win mail from vista, as I still today believe it's best free mail sw (using file system for each mail and doesn't group them). But since I just can't upgrade win 7 to sp1, I just have to surrender and let win mail go. I moved to mail live, I replaced win mail files, but I still can't upgrade. It seems that changes in registry I made have to be reversed as well and that's where I'm stuck. I just can't find anywhere what has to be done in registry, to finally upgrade to sp1.
Thanx in advance.
No activity for 6 months ?

Following your quite wonderful, detailed instructions, I now have Win_Mail up and operating on new Win7 PC. Thank you !

But I cannot believe topic is finished. For example how do you convince Win7 that there is such a program ? It doesn't appear anywhere as installed, let alone considered a "default program".

In file associations ".eml" cannot be changed to see "WinMail.exe.
Add & Remove doesn't show it at all ?
I know this a really (like really, really) old thread but just followed the procedures on a new laptop and still worked like a charm so thanks are still in order. Cheers .. Alan

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Glad it helped.


Pmar said:
For example how do you convince Win7 that there is such a program ? It doesn't appear anywhere as installed, let alone considered a "default program".
WinMail in program files is actually utilized by Windows Live Mail, and not considered by M$ as a program in it's own right.
Hi guys. Sounds like this may be the solution I want.
Im looking to move my Vista 32bit Winmail emails to my new Win 7 64 bit system.

Just a query though .

6. To import Windows Mail Contacts, Accounts, Folders & Emails from Vista or Outlook Express to Windows 7.

  • Click this link here. "
What link !?
1st will admit to not reading all replies. I just did last week & followed as described and even though have done successfully with your instructions & several times before from another (couldn't find now) had 1 problem. Windows mail works fine except for MailTo. In Fire Fox option using email link and double clicking any hyperlink on any page the actual windows mail program opened vs. a new email message with appropriate info. So HDD failed and now doing again trying to avoid same problem. Assume old post as links like WinMailEdit and
64bit msoe.dll file: here are not there. BTW I used msoe.dll file from my vista HDD program files and assume was 64bit since not from (x86). Thanks for any help.

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Unfortunately this thread is quite old and several of the links referred to have either been discontinued at the source, or the site address changed.

Since making the original tutorial, I eventually decided to abandon WinMail and use WinLiveMail. Because WinMail in Win7 is a hybrid program and it wouldn't perform all of the functions as in Vista.

Also some Windows7 updates stopped it working; or the updates wouldn't download and install properly.
Glad it helped.


WinMail in program files is actually utilized by Windows Live Mail, and not considered by M$ as a program in it's own right.
I'm old and crotchety and Windows Live Mail is not an option. Most of the time WinMail (thanks be to PB {Allah ?}) works just fine. My problem with it as an unrecognized program comes when I click on a MailTo link. Int Exp tries to open (to go to Live ?), and keeps trying for about 30 repetitions, filling the screen with blank pages and a helpful message saying there is no Email Program !. I have to open Task Mgr. and end the final Int Exp process to get rid of the mess. If this 7 were XT, I would expect to find an entry in the registry that would fix it.
I'm using Windows Mail and after the last Windows Update it stopped working. By that, I mean the application wouldn't open (no errors or messages, just nothing would happen). The Task Manager would show the process WinMail.exe but that's it. After downloading the msoe.dll 64bit from Poppa Bear at the beginning of this thread and replacing the existing one in C:\Program Files\Windows Mail folder, my Windows Mail started working flawlessy once again!
This is on Windows 7 64bit machine.
Help, I've been using windows mail, because I hate windows live mail...and all of a sudden it won't open, it won't work ....where I can I download it to re install?
Thank you. I was not able to paste the msoe.dll file into the windows mail folder so here is my work around: Make a folder in the windows mail folder, like "new folder", and copy paste that msoe.dll file there. This will make it easier to find later. Then restart your computer and hit the F8 key before windows starts but just after the bios type screen to get into the menu to allow starting in safe mode. After starting in safe mode you can navigate to the Program Files/Windows mail/New Folder and copy the msoe.dll file. Then go to the (Program Files/Windows mail) folder and paste it. (I did take ownership of the msoe.dll file just before pasting, just in case I lost that ownership thing during the reboot)The system did allow that and upon reboot I was able to follow the rest of your instructions.
I was doing all of this after installing a larger SSD and then coppied all of my previous emails from the older drive to the newer SSD.