How to find out one’s Viber account is hacked


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The last two months my Viber logo on my IPhone been having a number 2 behind it. Even though after making sure there’s no missed message or call from any of my Viber contacts, this number 2 remained unchanged.
Is it a sign that my Viber account is hacked ? And how to get rid of this number staying next to my Viber logo.
Thanks for some explanation.



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I highly doubt it was hacked based on the icon numbers, I've had several apps do this to me before. Clash of Clans, Facebook Messenger, mail app are all ones I've seen do this. I suggest turning off all notifications and alerts for the app in settings. Restart the phone or wait a few days and it may disappear when you re enable the notifications. Though I can't say for sure that you account wasn't hacked. I am surprised though seeing as how my issues were with earlier versions of iOS. Which are you running?


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Sorry I’m not familiar with using these forums. I did post a reply to your response just now, but not sure if you received it.


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Thanks for responding to my question.
Some time last year, both of our VIBER accounts (my girlfriend in the US and myself) were hacked into, by a mutual friend who’s curious to read what we wrote to each other
At first my friend VIBER message received an image of someone who she did not have any relationship, then my VIBER message received an image of her AVATAR, which we both did not pay any attention to.
Until one day my friend went berserk and called to tell me when she tapped the image she received before, suddenly it appeared a long line of chat messages we have been exchanging over a period of months, for as long as she cared to read, meaning whoever managed to infiltrate her account could read what ever been said between she and I.
There I realised those images carried with them the means to illicitly infiltrate our accounts and stayed there for as long as nobody noticed.
After checking through all our conversations and calls to make sure we did not leave any messages unread, nor calls unanswered, but the number 1 still remained on our VIBER app. We then deleted our VIBER app altogether, then reinstalled our VIBER app again, then that number 1 disappeared and stopped bothering us, with the understanding that whoever been eavesdropping on us had lost the means to spy on us.
Now that I have started a new friendship, this thing’s happening again, with that mutual friend still around. The number 1 appeared once again without the avatar appeared before to warn me of another attempt to hack my VIBER account.
I made some warnings after checking all the messages have been read, and all the calls have been answered (meaning there’s no reason for that number 1) then deleted the app altogether. This number 1 is gone now, and I’ll make sure I won’t let him in on a new relationship no more ! I think it comes from his boring lifestyle and nosey personality and hope he will stop bothering me, or my girlfriend...
Thanks for reading, and if you can share some thoughts on the events, it would greatly be appreciated.