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Mar 8, 2006
  1. I have video clips on my computer, and in every single one of them the video is fine, the music in the background and everything is fine, but the voices that speak are waaaaaaaay too low. I raise the volume but then the music goes super low and the sound effects go super loud and so it is impossible to hear what they are saying. Can someone help me, is there a codec or anything that can fix my files or make them so i can lower the music and background noise and replace it with the voices. Thank you in advance to anyone.
  2. Acidwinter

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    Im sure you already tried this, but it sounds like the speaker cable isn't plugged in all the way or is shot. Something to try if you haven't
  3. detrunks

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    mess around

    there are a number of potential solutions:

    1. Your speaker settings are wrong - make sure the speaker setting corresponds to the number of speakers you have.

    2. Your lines are messed up - make sure the corrects lead is in the correct hole if you're using more than stereo.

    3. Your equaliser is messed up - make sure your equaliser (in the driver or the player) is set for optimum 'voice' output (generally the middle bars).

    4. Your mute is on - yep, mute doesn't actually mute all sound. At high enough volume you'll still hear something!

    5. LE crossfading is on - swith it off, even if you don't know what it does.

    6. The encoding is messed up - not much you can do unless you know how to use the correct software.

    7. Get the latest drivers for your soundcard.

    8. Turn on AC3 boost.

    9. Try different speakers to make sure it's not a speaker problem.

    Let me know how it goes!
  4. Xtra

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    If you think its a codec problem, and look for a solution, you may want to install k-lite codec pack It solved all my codec problems. Before the installation, uninstall every codec that you've installed. Also uninstall quicktime and real player, it installs the codecs for those too.
  5. astro2

    astro2 TS Rookie

    don't know how to make a new post

    hey, i'm new and don't know how to make a new post so i'm putting my question in here. Please help me

    hi, sorry for bothering you. I"m no amateur to a computer, but defintely not a pro

    I was running my computer fine one night when suddenly i smelt something burning like plastic burning.

    It took me a while to notice the origin was my comp

    i couldn't locate the original problem within, cause the whole inside of the comp smelt bad.

    i can't tell if its cpu overheating, psu, or videocard

    but from the info i got googling my problem, it sounds like a fsu prob.

    However i kinda think its the video card thats doing it

    i get 3 probs that may occur (mainly)

    1. watching movies it occasionally has white dots over the movie computer gets no signal from the monitor suddenly so i have to force a shut down.

    3. when it first happened i decided to leave the computer running over nite, the screen was a mess

    is it really a video card? cause if it really is a overheating problem wouldn't the problem react the instant i install it? cause this is the first time it happened out of the blue

    my card is a 'ati radeon 9800xt'

    my specs are

    amd athlon 64 3700 socket 754
    2gb ram
    etc etc.

    whats your thoughts?

    email me a reply to '' aswell.
  6. Acidwinter

    Acidwinter TS Rookie Posts: 33

    Usually when I smell burning, the first thing I do is turn the computer off and smell into the back of my PSU. Thats usually where the "bad smells" of a computer come from. In my opinion that is
  7. astro2

    astro2 TS Rookie

    can it even turn on?

    yeah i know but like i said the smell is all over the place (maybe my nose is useless)

    but i smell it on my dvd=rom, hdd, etc

    plus if the power supply is affected, won't it just die? how come it can turn on?

    whats your opinions?
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