How to increase CPU Fan Speed

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Feb 2, 2005
  1. Most people talk about there CPU fans being to loud and that they wanna know how to decrease their speed because theyd rather have peace and quiet and have there CPU take some heat. Well i have speedfan and my cpu fan rpm sits around 3400rpm, ive seen it get into the 5000rpm ranges. How would i go about having full control of my cpu fan? I wanna have it running at maximum speed all the time, i wanna bring my cpu temps below 40C at idle.
  2. Nodsu

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    It depends on the type of fan you have.

    Some of them alter their own speed according to the temperature, some of them have their speed adjusted by the motherboard.

    How many wires run into your fan? If it's three wires then there is no way to control its speed. If it's four wires then connecting the speed control wire to +5V should do the trick.
  3. speedy266

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    i got 3 wires, green yellow black. im thinging there is a way of tricking it into thinking that the temp is really hot but really its not, that way the fan will spin to compensate???
  4. Dcrewchief

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    fan speed

    only way i know is to unplug fan from board and adapt to 4 pin and run straight from power supply.
  5. speedy266

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    Alright, the yellow is 12V+ Black is 12V- and the Green im guessing is the sensor for the rpms? In that case id just splice into the yellow and directly connect it to one of my 4 pin connectors? That way it still reads rpm speeds?
  6. Watching over Gotham City...hey it's dark out here

    Try this

    Simply plug your CPU fan plug into one of your
    systen fan plugs on your board and
    on some board resulting into your board thinking it's
    a standard system fan and therefor running it at
    full speed

    it's worth a shot
  7. Masque

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    Trouble with that is the system board will not see a CPU fan and error with beep codes on bootup.
  8. speedy266

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    Ive tryed that, I pluged my cpu fan into the the 2 other slots and it stills gives the same speed, also my computer can boot up without the cpu fan. Next im gonna try Asus Probe program i think there might be some setting in there hopefully to control it.
  9. Justin

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    Check to see if "Smart Q-Control" or "Q-Control" is enabled in BIOS. Contrary to popular (nodsu) belief, fan speed can be controlled on 3-wire fans. Fancier motherboards (Intel D865GBFL, ASUS A7N8X-E, etc) do this by throttling voltage. If it is enabled, try disabling it, or setting max fan speed to a low temperature.

    What cpu is this, and what heatsink/fan are you using?
  10. speedy266

    speedy266 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 23

    Its one of the first Pentium 4 motherboards.

    Asus P4T socket 423 stock heatsink and stock intel fan. I dont believe i have that option in my bios but i'll check next time.
  11. chamillitarysk8

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    i have a inspiron 1150 and i want to know if i can increase the fan speed
  12. Tedster

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    if your BIOS allows you to change the fan speed, then do it there. otherwise leave it alone. Generally it isn't a wise idea to mess with cooling. Results can be disastrous.
  13. spoty4

    spoty4 TS Rookie

    chamillitarysk8, there is a program called dell precision fan controll.
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