How to install Windows XP on a Netbook using a USB flash drive


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After PeToUSB successfully runs I run the bootsect command and get a "Access Denied" error msg in the cmd prompt?
7 - When you reach your desktop, you may now remove your USB flash drive. Before you start playing around on your new XP, I would recommend restarting your Netbook and entering the BIOS to change the boot priority back to your primary hard drive. After doing that, boot back up to your XP desktop and you're all done!

what is the primary hard drive???
I signed up just to tell you how grateful I am to you, Benny.
I followed your tutorial, but I came across the same problem "victor22zz" did. Fortunately, I read your comment and the solution worked for me as well.
So, thank you again. My netbook works perfectly. The only thing I forgot to do was to download the drivers needed to connect to a wi-fi network, but I downloaded them on my desktop computer and transferred them through a flash drive.
So, thank you again. Greetings from Argentina.