How to load custom sound drivers for use with XP setup

By Captain357
Mar 22, 2009
  1. Is there a way I can have XP’s setup program load sound drivers that are specific for my machine? I have installed, not loaded, with answer files for unattended setups but am looking to have my sound driver load for use when I put my slipstreamed XP install CD in.

    Can I simply add my sound driver files to the file? Maybe use the NTLDR or directory/file taken from my PC and overwriting same file in the I386 directory of the XP setup cd?

    I am blind and modified the DosNet.inf file so that I could get Narrator (basic screen reader packaged in XP) to run with setup. However, as XP does not contain sound drivers for my onboard Dell sound card, I think that’s why I’m not hearing Narrator run. Suggestions on how I may load a custom program (i.e. true screen reader) when XP setup loads also welcome.
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