how to make 2 cds into 1 dvd?

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May 27, 2007
  1. hi, i own a game called Iron Storm. i have to uninstall and install this game a lot and i would like to know how i could take the 2 cds and make them into 1 dvd. it is a 2002 game. this would make it much easier for me to install the game, and also, i like learning new things and i've seen this done with windows XP MCE so i know its possible and i want to know how it is done.i assumed that putting all of the files into one folder wouldn't work, although i havent actually tried this. i've searched the net for a tutorial but couldnt find anything :( also, i would like to know how i could integrate the one patch for the game into the DVD after it is made so that every time i have to install the game i wouldnt have to install the patch. for this part i have tried a few things. in "Run" i used certain commands using /integrate using the patch name first then the target name, but for the target i am not exactly sure what to do. no matter what target i use in the folder where i copied the cd to my hard drive it extracts itself to a temp then a message pops up that shows me command line parameters :S such as /UM<url to MSI package> yet once this is done there is still no change in any of the files. any help would be appreciated. thanks:D
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    Why do you think that Iron Storm was made by Microsoft? And even if it was a MS game, why do you think that they would use the same setup mechanisms for their operating systems and applications?

    Anyway, this question has been asked before and basically, it all boils down to the exact installer used by the game and whether you an modify the installation routines.

    Since you are asking this question here, maybe you should just forget about making a single DVD and use a virtual DVD-ROM drive and CD image files instead?
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    so you are saying that this can only be done with microsoft software? it is not an MS game it was made by dreamcatcher. i just assumed that if it was done with XP it could, in theory, be done with any two cds. and when you say the exact installer, how would i find out what the exact installer is? is this a lost cause or can this actually be done? i have used virtual drives for this game but i have other games i would like to try to make into 1 dvd as well and i was just kind of wondering how it was done? thanks for the reply btw :D
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    It can be done with any installer.. Just grab a hex editor and hack away :D The problem is with the superhuman effort that you may have to put into it.

    And no, even if you came up with the exact installer used, I doubt that anyone here could help you any further. These are not game cracking forums.
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    ok well thanks a lot for the help Nodsu:D i guess ill go see if anyone can help me on gameburnworld lol. i appreciate your help
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