How to manually arrange icons in Windows 7 folders

By Karmashock
Apr 15, 2011
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    This feature was removed from Windows 7 even though it's been in every version of windows since windows 95. The rumors as to why it was removed are many but so far I have no conclusive reasoning for it.

    I posted a question thread on this forum about a year ago asking for the way to add the feature back. No one had any answers and so I've casually done an internet search for the feature every so often when I remember how much this annoys me.

    Anyway, someone figured out how to modify the registry to add the feature back. It seems the mod might not work if you update windows 7 but I think there are updates to the mod that work regardless. Anyway, I would have posted this in my old thread but it's been locked for being ancient.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Just install the registry file and then log off/on again, restart the computer, or use the task manager to kill explorer and then reload it. Which ever you find easier.

    The feature is under "View" in the context menu if you right click on the white space in a folder.

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