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Mar 19, 2007
  1. I have a AMD Athlon 64 3200+ processor. Ive done some overclocking with Video Cards and stuff. I used to have a Gigibyte motherboard which came with a program called EasyTune5 but I recently changed to ASUS and I was wondering what program I should use to overclock my Processor?
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    Asus A8V-E SE
  3. This would be it?

    If so you may need to do a little looking around here:

    From just a little digging it looks like your setup should use something called "Precision Tweaker" (I found reference to it in the manual from their site). So try looking for that mabye.

    And it sounds like this is a third party bit of software for ocing:

    Btw, you will probably want to read up, alot. while overclocking can be simple, it can also cause real damage.

    Another suggested article:
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    you shouldn't use any 'program'... overclocking should be done in the BIOS.

    you may be able to slightly overclock from windows, but not enough to notice any real difference. the only way to achieve a significant overclock is through the BIOS.

  6. True, you will get better results from manually clocking your system, but I've achieved quite acceptable results from simply using apps such as easytune 5 (and you won't likely blow anything up that way ;).
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