How to ping some sites all time?

By sritce
Mar 3, 2009
  1. Hi I need to keep my internet active all time..else it get i need some software or some script which ping some sites all time automatically...thanks in advance...
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    easy; Two solutions
    1. ping your ISP Gateway
    2. or better (imo), ping the ISP DNS address
    navigate to your %profile%
    on XP: \Documents and Settings\LoginID\
    on Vista: \Users\LoginID\​
    get notpad running
    add one line to the file
    ping -t address
    your DNS is easily found with ipconfig /all

    your gateway address depends upon if you have a router
    without a router, it's shown in the IPCONFIG above

    with a router, login to the admin page
    find the WAN side page
    the gateway will be seen there​
    Save the notepad file as
    pingGateway.bat or pingDNS.bat (depending upon the address you inserted)

    when you need to run the ping use run->.\pingDNS.bat and minimize the window.
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