How to port-forward on WBR-2310

By Zeating
Jul 22, 2009
  1. Ok, for some xbox games i can't join any partys or join any rooms because it says my NAT is to strict, or its not port forwarded... I'm not sure how to port forward but I know how to get into my router settings:

    Can someone tell me exactly how I can port forward for my 360?

    Here is what i see but i'm not sure what to do: [​IMG]

    I've read a guide on how to do it and i did this:

    But it still doesn't work, I can enable an option called " disable NAT on the router and turn it into an Access Point.
    Enable Access Point Mode?" But i heard that that is dangerous and can cause virus's. my modem is a Speedstream 4200 Ohio. Thanks
  2. poertner_1274

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    The IP address you have listed is your router address. You need to find out what your XBOX IP address is and plug that into those boxes. This should correct the problem.

    I don't have an XBOX so I don't know how to find out. Sorry.
  3. jobeard

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    WAY TOO MUCH included there. Ports 53,80 are needed by all your systems,
    and do not need to be forwarded. From what you've shown, the Xbox5 looks like
    it is at

    only forward ports required by the game itself

    3074 looks good
    88 is ok but unnecessary as is 2074 (the original box needed these but the 360 does not)
    2700-2715 for steam
    2720-2750 also " "
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