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How to put an old CPU into my mobo

By yodageek2063 ยท 5 replies
Jan 25, 2005
  1. I have an old pentium 1 @200mhz (MMX) that I want to put in my computer that currently has a cyrix M-II-300 @233mhz, is this possible? Do I need to change settings in my bios (AMI bios), and if so, what settings? Are there jumpers on the mobo I will need to change? What info about my mobo or the chip do I need to do this, I am clueless.
    P.S. You may be asking why I would want to downgrade to 200mhz. This old chip has MMX, the current one I am using, doesnt. I cannot play divx compressed movies because its too CPU intense. They played fine on my old comp with the pentium 200mhz (MMX) and 95 megs of ram, however they wont play very well on this cyrix 233mhz with 128 megs of ram!
  2. vnf4ultra

    vnf4ultra TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,360

    cyrix upgrade

    First, are you sure your cyrix doesn't have mmx? On cpu-world it says the cyrix has mmx. This could be an error though. Also what motherboard do you have?
  3. yodageek2063

    yodageek2063 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    dont know

    Dont know actually what kind of mobo i have. The bios is AMI bios thats all i know. Is there a way to check?
    Also, i dont think this cyrix chip has mmx. How else would you explain that i cannot watch divx on this comp when it has 233 mhz and 128 megs of ram, but i could on my old comp with pentium I and 200 mhz and 95 megs of ram? Isnt a cyrix M-II equivelant to a pentium II ???
  4. Justin

    Justin TS Rookie Posts: 914

    A cyrix MII PR300 is going to outperform that pentium 200 in just about everything. MII had MMX as well as cyrix extended MMX. If you aren't able to play divx videos, something else is going on. Give me a more detailed description of your hardware, if you can.
  5. yodageek2063

    yodageek2063 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Ok. Here is my OLD computers specs first:
    (and dont laugh, i know its horrible)
    pentium (1) 200 mhz (with MMX)
    2 gig HD
    95 megs RAM
    AMI Bios (not sure what mobo?)
    (what else do you need to know?)

    New comp:
    cyrix M-II-300 @233 mhz
    8 gig HD
    128 megs RAM
    AMI bios (not sure what mobo)

    Of course I have an ethernet card and usb ports and stuff too
    I close ALL software before running a media player. I have tried crystal player, windoze media player, divx player, and hplay. None will play divx encoded files. Well they play them, but it seems to be frame by frame or slow motion. I can play other AVI's, but when i use Gspot it tells me its not divx encoded. It seems to me that decompressing the divx compression at playtime is costing me to much, that is the problem I believe. For instance, Meet the fockers is encoded with S-Mpeg 4 version 3, and it plays fine. Star trek voyager, scorpion part I is encoded with DivX 3 Low-Motion, and it wont play right.
    If putting my old CPU into this mobo wont fix the problem, is there ANY way besides getting a new comp that I could somehow accelerate my CPU, or install some software to do something with the compression?
    I tried converting it to MPEG-1, but I dont think it worked right, cause it still would not play good. Besides, it takes a LONG time to convert files. I suppose if I converted it to no compression it would work, but then the file would be like 4 gigs....
  6. yodageek2063

    yodageek2063 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    system info

    Here is some system info I got using Dacris benchmarks:
    It said that it couldnt initialize the video card for the 3d video test. I dont understand. I have 3 video cards, and they all work fine. Maybe it is my cheap monitor perhaps? Anyways, one of my video cards even supports 32 bit graphics, I was shocked when I put it into my computer, never seen that option before. (not literally shocked, of course.)

    Ok, I just tested some other movies that I had, and these ones I KNOW worked fine in my old computer. They are not divx compressed, but they are AVI files. They dont play as slow as the divx compressed ones, but they STILL lag, seems like its going in slow motion. I am at a loss to figure this out! Is there any system tests or system info I can get from my computer that would tell me why this is happening? This is (supposedly) a much better computer than my old one.

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