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Nov 27, 2005
  1. hi everyone. i no in order to take a screenshot during games u press da prtscr/sysrq button and go to paint to paste. however how do u record videos of ur gameplay? does it require a special program or can it be achieved by plain windows? can it be done using software or will it require hardware (webcam duh)
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    Windows doesn't have any built in features that will capture on screen as video. Some games will allow you to record what happens as video.

    I don't offhand know of any 3rd party programs that will do this, but I'm sure there are some, you shouldn't have to resort to physically recording with a webcam or camcorder.

    Perhaps someone else may know of some software that will do this.
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    Do a search for FRAPS
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    thx guys!! wats better fraps or da other one?
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    Fraps is good. I've used that myself. But I haven't used the other.
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