How to reinstall vista without CD - recovery manager won't work

By nadmaj
Sep 17, 2009
  1. Hi ya

    I want to re install vista on my laptop as i've got rootkit and cannot get rid of the google redirection virus - but i don't have a re-instillation cd. Tried making one through recovery manager but it fails to recognise my cd/dvd rom.

    so please could you assist on obtaining a vista cd or suggesting how to get recovery manager to recognise and make a cd instead.

    (i googled the recovery manager problem and someone had the same problem and suggested that it will only recognise the burning software that was originally included with the laptop - this being cyberlink dvd suite) which i got rid of and have nero - could this be the solution - so now where to get cyberlink from.

    thanks in advance.
  2. centurymeltdown

    centurymeltdown TS Rookie

    I once had a virus like the one you described, the one where you do a google search and it redirects it to some cheap advertisements for a bad software?

    Before reinstalling Vista have you tried EVERYTHING?

    Check out these softwares (i wont say Google for them, but try something like DogPile.Com, Yahoo, or Bling in the meantime..) -

    Free Software
    Search and Destroy
    Sophos Anti-Rootkit

    Free TRIALs of Software (e.g, use them to remove rootkit and them remove software or buy it, your choice).

    ESET Smart Security - Use it myself, very good, keeps your system quick as before, but not as good as Kaspersky - But close.

    Kaspersky - The top-level security app for home users in my opinion. Scans all new softwares, detects quite alot, try it :D

    BitDefender - Used it for a few months 2 years back, seemed good enough.
  3. jabberwocky

    jabberwocky TS Rookie

    Hi there, I had the same problem and deleted cyberlink. In order to be able to make the recovery disk you need to get cyberlink back. This is what you need to do:
    - Go into the recovery centre, click on advanced options
    - Click on software program re-installation, click on next
    -Click next again
    -Click on cybernet dvd suite, click next
    -Click next

    Program should reinstall, & you should be able to burn now.
  4. jabberwocky

    jabberwocky TS Rookie

    Make sure when you are about to burn, that all your discs are exactly the same!!
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