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Had a three-month calendar widget (previously called it a "gadget" . . . ummm . . . ) on my Windows 7 desktop; now have moved to Windows 10, and the widget remains (frozen) and does not change dates. I've found another calendar widget which I've downloaded, but have no idea how to find appropriate info in my system to remove the Win7 widget from the desktop.

Any info / assistance? Many thanks.


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You may or may not be able to remove it.
Considering you upgraded from windows 7 - windows 10.

Read over this link I provided, IF it still does not work.
The only real way to get rid of it is with a clean install full format.
Use the windows 10 usb installation guide.



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Thank you for your reply and the link. The information in that link, however, has nothing to do with my issue as I do not use Outlook or MS Mail or Calendar App or any of the programs discussed there. All I use from MS is Windows 10; all of the other gobbledygook they add on to Windows is of no interest or use to me.

The third-party calendar on my desktop was what apparently is called a widget or gadget or some such, and 1) Windows 10 has simply frozen it, and -- far more ridiculously, 2) Windows 10 provides no "how-to-remove" information that I've been able to discover.

Thanks, nonetheless.


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In Windows 7, gadgets were stored in one of the following hard drive locations:

...\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets
...\Program Files (x86)\Windows Sidebar\Shared Gadgets
...\Program Files (x86)\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets
...\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets

That last folder is usually hidden, so you'll need to enabled 'Show all folders/files'


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Thanks to all!

As I've been futzing around attempting sort this out, I decided (for whatever reason I have no idea) to take a look at Webshots, which I have loaded on as my wallpaper function . . . and as I poked around in there, guess what I found? In addition to my most favorite pix, I had at some moment lost back in the mists of computer time checked the box "Display calendar on Desktop" . . . where it had been obediently sitting with the little date highlight jumping from number to number through all those weary days of my life . . . until Windows 10 came along, and Webshots got its back up and said "I'm freezing!".

So, a simple, mere unchecking of a box has removed the offending used-to-work calendar from view, and All Of Life Is Now Good!

Appreciate y'all helping sort this out.