[How To] Restore Windows 9x/ME

By ViperSnake
Nov 6, 2003
  1. I have found a way to restore a unbootable Windows 9X/ME system, But it requires a Startup Disk, your installation CD and a Full Backup made in MS Backup:

    1. Boot with your startup disk and choose to boot with CD-ROM Support.
    2. Insert your Windows CD and swich to it
    3. Type the following commands pressing ENTER after each one:
    cd /tools/sysrec
    4. The System Recovery utility will re-install Windows and start MS Backup when finished
    5. Type your Name and Company and click Next and then click Finish
    6. Select "Restore Backed up files" and follow the instructions

    If you make intrem backups, Restore them in order oldest to newest.

    7. Restart the Computer and you are finished!

    I hope this will help you restoring Windows 9X to a working state
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