How to run multiple monitors using a laptop's Intel iGPU?

Hey guys,

How is it possible to run multiple monitors off the Intel iGPU of a given laptop? To explain why I'm specifically asking about the integrated GPU as opposed to the discrete GPU, please keep reading.

I plan to get the following laptop:

This laptop has two GPUs, an integrated Intel GPU [Intel UHD Graphics 630] that supports 3 displays (including the laptop's built-in display, which runs off the iGPU by default), and a dedicated GPU [NVIDIA RTX 2060] that supports 4 displays. The laptop has an HDMI 2.0 port, and a Mini DisplayPort 1.4a. I believe both of these ports are connected directly to the RTX 2060.

I plan to have a total of 6 displays (including the laptop's display) connected to the laptop simultaneously as follows:
[1] Laptop's built-in display - via Intel iGPU
[4] External monitors via the Mini DisplayPort using the following MST Hub: - via the RTX 2060
[1] External monitor via the HDMI port?

The RTX 2060 can run up to 4 monitors, so by connecting 4 of them to the MST Hub via the MiniDP, I believe all 4 should work fine. This maxes out the RTX 2060 monitor capacity.

The laptop's display uses the Intel iGPU. Since the iGPU can run a total of 3 displays, this leaves me the option to add 2 more displays. That's where the issue arises. How can I make use of the fact that I can theoretically hook up 2 more monitors to the iGPU? Can I do this somehow through the HDMI port, which is directly connected to the RTX 2060? Is there a way to select the GPU that runs each monitor regardless of how that monitor is connected to the laptop?

Please note that I do NOT intend to use any of the monitors to duplicate any other monitor (I.e. mirror mode). Each monitor will have its own view (I.e. desktop extension).

Thank you.