How to Run Stable Diffusion on Your PC to Generate AI Images


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I'm utterly against the AI takeover of Art. Is there no place for human creativity anymore? We designed the freaking AI that's taking over.

Everything seems so prophetic.

Why on earth do you think AI is going to TAKE OVER art?
It is its own thing.
Human art has the same spot it already held, now it is just augmented and expanded upon.

If you as an artist create art, you are either doing it out of fun/creativity, or to make money. Now, I KNOW that only the ones bi#$%ng about AI art taking over is those who make money from it.

Normal human reaction to any technology uprooting some vocations. Such is progress of industry. Adapt or die.
It is the same as a bunch of workers with shovels barking at an excavator or bulldozer.
When you draw a line, A BETTER thing is always good for a society as a whole. Adapt and overcome.
Can someone help? When I get to step 5 and run the webui.bat file, it starts to run but I hit an error that says "couldn't install torch". I have no idea what to do at this point to fix it. Any help would be appreicated.


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Sounds like a nice weekend project ,can´t wait to try it out!
I am now addicted to Stable Diffusion. It installed perfectly on the latest version of Linux Mint, running on a Lenovo legion laptop (AMD Ryzen 5 / Nvidia RTX 2060). Not a particularly fast machine, but fast enough to let me enjoy generating super weird and funny images.