How to run Windows XP repair?

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Apr 28, 2010
  1. My laptop using winXP worked fine. When I turned it back on it said a file (system\config\system) was missing or corrupt and that I needed to run the setup disk and select R for repair. I do this and select R and tells me to press 1 for windows logon. I do this and get c:\windows Now what am I suppose to do? I hoping I do not need to format that disc.

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    Type 'xp repair' in Google and take for example the michaelstevenstech-link...
    (can't give you the link, I don't have posted enough things... :-/)

    you have pressed the R-button too soon I think... :: gives a Recovery Console repair...

    first, you have to accept the license agreement, and then choose your windows installation and repair it (don't install windows again... then you'll lost everything!!!)

    More questions?? Ask them!
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    A process I have successfully used many times was put forth by Fred Langa in Information week almost four years ago. The process is nearly as good as a clean install. It is non destructive and will leave all your files and programs in place. You will however have to reapply whatever patches came after your CD. For example if you XP CD is SP1a then you can apply SP3 and then let Windows update reapply all the patches since then.
    His article is at:
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    Thanks for the reply. I'm using windows XP sp2 and I followed the process. It all went as it said until screen seven. Thats where I'm suppose to select R. The screen that comes up for me doesn't have this option. It has the following options:

    Setup winXP on selected item, press enter
    create a partition, press C
    to delete a partition, press D

    in the box below these options has c:\partition1 (NTFS)

    What went wrong?
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    Just hazarding a guess, The CD did not find an operating system at all if you do not have C:\ "Microsoft Windows XP Professional " to select as in the attached Your OS jpeg. After you select that option, then you select "R".

    Never thought to ask, is it Professional or Home?

    If you have data or documents on there you need, you can connect using a USB to IDE/Sata connector (about $28) and copy the data to another computer. If the hard drive is totally gone then it should go to a shop, sorry.

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