How to speed up my cable modem to make it faster pls help? thanks :)!!!!

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Oct 2, 2006
  1. Hi there everyone,

    I have cable modem and I would like to know on what software out there that lets me tweak the internet connection so that we can make it more faster then what it is right now? I know that there is a software but I honestly can't remember on the name of it, what I would like to know is can anyone please help me out with this???

    Thank you, please e-mail me back with full detailed information on where I can find this software thanks :)
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    Dr. TCP can help, but you really shouldn't mess with it without reading up on exactly what those things you are changing do.

    I doubt you see too much difference though unless you are wanting to shave a few ms off ping times in games.
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    Use TCP Optimizer from

    Here are sample shots of how mine is setup for Cable Modem:



    If you look at the upper right hand corner you'll see a 20 if you change that to 0 you'll get better performance.

    My ISP I get 15Mbp (15,000) down and 2Mbp (2,000) up

    With the above tweaks this is what reports


    Upload varies from what you see to 1.5Mbp

    If you download a lot you will need to change the max connections to 50 over 50 and remember 60 is the max. Also remember when you use 50 over 50 or 60 over 60 that will suck a lot of bandwidth from all PCs on the network when you're downloading on a PC set that way. You'll have to balance out.
    40 over 40 is good choice.

    There are DNS Cache see above, TCP, and a few other tweaks that need to be entered into the Registry manually. But try TCP Optimizer and you'll also need that Dr. TCP too. I have that one.
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  5. tipstir

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    Host Resolution Priority does the same thing without installing any third party software.

    If you use speed optimizer


    change the default Host Resolution Priority to below will give you the same results that google is using.

    LocalPriority = 1
    DnsPriority = 1
    HostsPriority = 1
    NetbtPriority = 1
  6. Slayer1980

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    Okay I've installed this software, but will this make my internet cable connection like a T3 or faster?
  7. tipstir

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    You'll also need to make sure that the onboard NIC processor is enabled. By default it's disable. When it's disabled the CPU on your system is doing the work. When you enabled the onboard NIC processor it unloads the worked being done on the system CPU.

    I can show you what you can do to go as fast as you want. I'll post some tools that I use. Or point you in the right direction. With every PC I build I had:


    DNS Cache

    But I still have to use TCP Optimizer and Dr TCP, there was a third small freeware program that would turn on the Onboard NIC Processor, but they dropped the software from the UK.

    Make sure you set those 20/20 to 50/50 but on a wired PC only. If you using wireless then set it to 10 or 20.

    Try the settings, but reboot the PC. If you like what you have then you're okay. Also use to test: then click on speed test.
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