How to split movie files

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Dec 3, 2005
  1. lets say for example, i have a movie file dats 900mbs. However, blank cds r only 700mbs. Is there a way, to split that movie into 2 different files (450mbs) so 2 cds can be used to burn that one movie? if there is a program for this, is it built into windows or a 3rd party one? thx
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    Here is a trial version that appears to be fully functional for a certain period of days.

    There are free ones out there if you google for free video splitter, but most either work only with certain file types, and also more complex to use.
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    thx man appreciate da help
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    hi there if you are lookin for a more detailed movie programs , guides and hints try this site
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    for split video files, i recommended try to use VideoCharge- very very powrfull soft for split video
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