How to stop "My Pictures" files from automatic inclusion in Wallpapers cache?

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Feb 29, 2008
  1. timwest16

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    Kimsland, thank you so much. After you said that i suddenly realized that i had seen duplicate listings of the windows wallpapers in the list. So I searched through My Pictures found all of the windows desktops duplicated in one of my folders. Deleted them and instantly the list is back to normal.

    I knew i wasn't crazy when i said it was a problem!

    So in short the solution to this problem is:

    1. Check in the My Pictures folder to see if you have any of the default windows wallpapers

    2. If you have any, delete them from the My Pictures folder

    3. Be happy!

    The only odd thing is: That as far as i can tell, those duplicate wallpaper files in My Pictures have been there since before the problem arose. So something must have triggered it, although I have absolutely no idea what, but i am just happy that it is all sorted now!
  2. kimsland

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    :grinthumb :grinthumb :grinthumb

    :D :D

    It took a while, But it's SOLVED

    I hope TechSpot has helped you with you minor fault today!!!
  3. kimsland

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    From browsing to the folder originally
  4. timwest16

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    Doubt it as i never used the browse button. Anyway all is sorted now! Yippeee!
  5. kimsland

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    Ok by going to My Pics, and right clicking on one and setting it as Wallpaper

    Actually Windows gives many different alternatives
    (You don't want me to go through them all I hope?)

    Solved Solved Solved

    By the way, I spent 2 Hours on the above info, searching everywhere!


    Also if any external viewers, read this post, and subsequently fix the Display Properties issue (by removing the default Windows wallpapers from My Pictures) Could you at least either link to this thread, or say "Kimsland provided a fix by...
    After the thousands (about ~ 10,000 + posts I've made acrosss the web) That would be nice, for the first recognition ever.
  6. TiMeBoMb

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  7. kimsland

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    Thanks TiMeBoMb

    Although haven't tested yet
    But I have looked at the Reg files themselves and they look correct

    Is this just Xp?
    Did you create these yourself? As I cannot find where this info originated from

    And I'll test it, before you reply back :)
  8. TiMeBoMb

    TiMeBoMb TS Rookie

    I found a forum where a user was explaining the registry location in which "Display Properties" calls for the "My Pictures" location. I figured that if this call pointed to an invalid location, it wouldn't be able to retrieve the "My Pictures" listing. So, I tested my theory. Once successfully tested, I created the two .REG files, and the README.txt file, for clarification.

    I've only tested this on Windows XP Professional, but I would assume that it would work on all versions of Windows XP. I have had NO problems with this "fix", so far. If I run into any, I'll try to post them here.

    My real question would be... I've been using Windows XP, since its Beta releases, and until recently, I've never seen the "My Pictures" files show up in the Wallpaper listing. The "My Pictures" files, within a standard Windows XP installation, DO NOT typically show in the Wallpaper listing. Why is it happening to some of us, and what is the REAL fix for this?

    In EVERY forum I've ever read, no one really seems to be able to answer the above question. So, until we have the REAL fix, I hope my .REG files will positively spread across the Internet helping people solve this odd issue!


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