How to test PCIe slots?

By Carpot Muncher
May 16, 2009
  1. How to test PCIe slots?

    I had a brand new video card installed and working. Configured it and started using it to see what it was capable of as far as 3D applications. After about an hour, the card was destroyed. LEDs and fan still worked, but my PC could no longer detect the card in the slot. I tried to force it to detect, checked BIOS, tried the second PCIe slot on same board, but the vid card was already defective by then.

    Fortunately, I was able to exchange the vid card for a new one. I also upgraded my PSU as someone suggested that the PSU might have been caused the damage to the vid card.

    Now before I just throw in the new vid card and PSU, I want to cover all of my bases as I won’t be able to get another free exchange if this vid card also gets fried. So I’ve been doing some researching and I’d feel a lot more comfortable if I could somehow test/verify whether the PCIe slots on my mainboard are functioning as they should be.

    So can anyone recommend some simple PCIe slot test that I can perform at home with minimal tooling? Perhaps there are some software tools for monitoring voltages/currents, or maybe I can find a cheap voltmeter around here. Equipment is difficult for me to find here, but the local technicians are very lowly skilled/knowledgeable and careless about handling and ESD.

    Any suggestions?

  2. klepto12

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    your problem was probably a voltage spike from a bad psu if your switching it out you should be fine there aren't any PCI-e tests that i know of unless you have an old crappy card you dont want to test in the slot.
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