How to use the video out of the vga card and which TV supports?

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Jul 20, 2007
  1. Hello all,

    I am wondering how to use the video out port of my card. I myself am not really familiar with all this video in and out stuff so if someone knows lots about it, please explain to me further.

    I have a mono TV, can it be used to view or not? Reason is i wanna watch video using a TV so i can just lay back and enjoy lol. Sitting all the time is a pain sometimes.

  2. Ididmyc600

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    Your TV output on the PC should (usually) be an S-VHS socket, it looks like a PS2 socket for a keyboard.

    Now see what your TV has, SCART- S-VHS or RCA.

    Go to any electrical shop and buy the correct lead.

    Now here it gets a bit difficult, but generally you go into display properties, then settings and then advanced, usually there is an option for "monitors" although it varies from card to card, it should then be a case of clicking on TV for it to work, sometimes you have to change the region or country in the settings for the signal.

    Now you may not have the setting stated above if not you will need to update the driver for your video card, they dont always install the TV out side of the drivers.

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    You say your TV has Mono.....?

    The "mono" is referring to the TV's sound system, not anything to do with the picture. You would need to drive a stereo amplifier from the line output of your computer to have sound capabilities (or simply listen to the computer's speakers). You may find that a standard-def TV is somewhat of a disappointment being driven by a computer graphics card. If you're talking movies a $40.00 buck DVD player is a much better solution.
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    So far i can see is that my tv has only to ports, one for sound and one for picture so i assume here i can either plug in the yellow for picture and white or red for sound. I guess it's an RCA, am i correct?
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    RCAs..... yes

    You're right, yellow is video. Red is right channel audio, left is white. It's not like a camcorder where you can only use the left I think. You would use an RCA "Y" connector to combine a stereo output into mono. You still would be better off (I believe) to pipe the audio to the home stereo or situate the computer speakers around the TV so that at least you would have true stereo. I am making the assumption that the computer does have at least a stereo audio card. Doesn't it?
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