HP 311c-1020sa recovery problem XP HDD

By coldice
Oct 10, 2010
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  1. HI,

    I recently purchased a Compaq 311c-1020sa mini netbook & have upgraded the hdd but cannot get it to recover now & have no way of getting the old HD back.

    Before I upgraded, I created a recovery set using the built in Roxio Back on Track recovery disc creator. It created 1 x recovery boot disc & 2 x recovery cd's.

    Then I installed the new Western Digital wd500bevt hard disc & tried to recover using the verified recovery disc set created & this is what happens:

    1) It boots of the 1st recovery boot disc into the recovery options menu & I choose either 'disaster recovery' or 'image recovery'

    2) On the next screen I have to select the image source (Revovery cd 1) & destination.......However there is no appropriate destination as the hard drive cannot be seen in here. I can see a 'System partition' made up of about 100mb which I assume is the boot disc data loaded into cache memory & also shows the cd drive but there is no hdd.

    3) I have checked this disc in win 7 & it works fine, I have fdisk'd & deleted all partitions but still no luck. I have tried to recreate partions but that also hasnt helped. I know the drive isn't faulty & I know that some people had issues with xp installs on this machine & sata drives but I don't want to do a clean xp install, but a factory recovery.

    Please help!
  2. Tmagic650

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    Sometimes this happens when trying to do a created recovery. One wrong step or file can make the recovery impossible. You may have to "bite the bullet" and start with a fresh Windows install. A better way to save files is to place the old hard drive in a external USB enclosure. Install the new drive in the laptop and install Windows and all its updates. Then connect the USB enclosure and copy your important files and documents from the old drive to the new drive

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